Today over 850 million people in the world are hungry. In fact, hunger is the number one risk to health worldwide. We often consider third world nations when talking about food hunger yet over 10% of people in Ireland are affected by food poverty, which means that they simply cannot afford to provide themselves and their families with the recommended daily amounts of food.  People finding themselves at risk of food poverty include those living alone; families on low incomes; single parents and families with three of more children.

Crosscare was established over seventy years ago and its primary function then was to address the effects of food poverty on the population. Crosscare established its Food Banking structure over thirty years ago and now annually diverts over 850 tonnes of food from landfill and redirects it to those most in need.

Food Poverty Indicator

Constructing Food Poverty Indicator

One in ten people in Ireland are living in Food Poverty

A new report just published has found that 450,000 people in Ireland (10% of the population) were in food poverty in 2010.

The households identified as being most vulnerable to food poverty are (i) households on low incomes, (ii) households with 3 or more children under 18, (iii) households where the head of the household is ill or disabled, (iv) lone parent households and (v) households headed by a person who is unemployed.

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Source: Social Justice Ireland

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