Crosscare recognises that its activities impact on the local and global environment and that the health and well-being of the environment and ourselves is closely linked. It acknowledges that it has an important role to in raising awareness and understanding of environmental issues within the community.

Crosscare is committed to working with others to protect and enhance the environment, especially with the Community Food Network partners.

Crosscare’s Commitment

‘Our goal is to protect and enhance the environment while sustaining it for generations. We will do this by working in partnership with others to continually reviewing and working to improve our environmental performance.’


1. Climate change
We will consider the implications of climate change on our strategies, plans and activities and encourage strategies that support the reduction of greenhouse gasses.

2. Natural resources
Crosscare will adopt water and energy waste reduction measures and take into account natural resource considerations when procuring goods and services.

3. Transport
Crosscare will endeavour to reduce the use of motor vehicles in our operating areas by controlling our own activities and investigate more sustainable modes of transport; a logistics model is in place to reduce this carbon footprint.

4. Pollution
Crosscare will identify, monitor and seek to reduce and prevent air, water and land pollutants and improve air quality, including local issues such as noise and nuisance, this will be done by controlling our own activities.

5. Waste
Crosscare will minimise waste by re-use and recycling of items and control our activities to keep waste to an absolute minimum.

6. Energy
Crosscare will promote the benefits of energy conservation and reduction in the community and adopt energy saving measures within all facilities. It will promote the benefits of renewable energy sources, whenever possible, and source renewable power when this option is appropriate.

Crosscare will also adopt the international environmental management systems standard ISO14001, to help provide a systematic approach to improve the environmental performance.

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