Crosscare's Food Services was established in 1941 to work with those affected by poverty after World War II. Over the past 71 years these services have been developed to meet new and emerging needs within Irish society. Meals on wheels for the elderly or those with mobility issues, food banking to redistribute food and goods to other charities and those locally in need, Community Caf├ęs to bring all elements of communities together with the belief that no longer should those affected by food poverty eat alone, these centres should be professional cafes where all can break bread and enjoy a meal, the days of soup kitchens in modern society should be oven, poverty is not as obvious as it use to be, breakfast clubs for local schools etc.
Today the face of poverty is ever changing and a service like ours must change to identify and address any new need, we know that over 10% of those living in Ireland are affected by Food Poverty, they simply can't afford to eat the recommended daily amounts. Those at high risk of Food Poverty are those living alone, families on low income, single parents and families with three or more children (findings from Safe Food, September 2012). We are now working to redevelop our food centres into "Community Cafes" that all can access, wether your affected by isolation or low income, wether you can or can't afford to eat. These Cafe's are focusing to work with the entire local community. Together we can work to help those most in need and address two major problems facing our society, Food Waste and Food Poverty.

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North County Dublin Launches Food Bank

20-01-2014 Media

On Wednesday 22nd. January 2014, Crosscare's new community food bank will open its doors for the first time working with...

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Happy Christmas & Best Wishes for 20…

12-12-2013 Media

We would like to wish all our volunteers, staff, sponsors and general public a very happy Christmas and best wishes...

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10-12-2013 Media

Irish Times 14th. November 2013: Archbishop appeals for food to alleviate hunger in Dublin The Journal 14th. November 2013: Food appeal...

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